This text was written to accompany the exhibition Klapparstígur 12  

We are five living in my house: We all come and go, crossing over in the morning

to share feelings over coffee and maybe catching each other to listen to an

anecdote from the others days in the evening before bed.


Individuals from different origins living separate lives, with their own lived

private experiences, living independently in separate bedrooms and at the same

time finding balance and coming to compromise, co-existing within the same

building, a shared home. I don’t always know where my housemates are going, or

where they’re coming from each day. Yet over time I’ve become aware of

patterns of movement throughout the apartment. We’ve become used to each.

Energies oscillate and the manifestation of home is not something that is static, it

is an active ongoing process.


This state of being, of living in a share house, a moment of coming together

within a space is an exhibition of sorts. Each entity comes from a particular

context of origin, has their own stakes in the world. We, as house-mates are not

curated to bring about a particular statement. We were thrown into a living

situation because we knew someone, who knew someone and needed a room to

stay in. This is something different from a commune, or cult – a

gesamtkunstwerk or a presentation with a definitive thesis. There is no common

manifesto but we do fit together in dialogue, create a conversation. This house is

a group show, a salon hang. Each individual is an artefact and the juxtaposition of

each moment is an accent point that creates something unexpected, generative,

experimental and unique.


The share-house, an exhibition within time: statement points and conflicts

(major dramas or explosions of joy) fluctuations in an experimental narrative

structure, moments all existing or coming together/separating temporarily. This

is an exhibition where sometimes, some things will escape you and yet there is a

sense of and investment in a contained whole.