only mountains never meet

Between the 7th and 14th of October alongside Arianda Garriga Ballarin (ESP), Shannon Calcott (AU/DE), Patricia Carolina (MX/IS), Maríanna Eva Dúfa Sævarsdóttir (IS) and Þorúnn Dís Halldorsdóttir (IS), I will undertake a journey through the Tatra Mountains. During this journey they will utilize multiple forms of practice-led research, to investigate how the experience of moving through landscape and engagement in site can be documented and translated through visual language. Artists will operate within a post-studio and roving art practice in which production of work coexists with the physical movement through landscape.There are synergies between doing travel and doing art and this project actively explores and manifests this notion. This journey and the acknowledgement of it acts as a bridge between experience of Poland and the Icelandic cultural landscape, audiences are incidental; and include the people of the Tatra Mountains, other travelers and the collaborating participants. There is no set itinerary for this journey it’s trajectory will be generated collaboratively both between participants and in response to the journey taken and the field environment; the weather, urgency for investigation, the material generated and suggestions from locals. Collaboration within the context of this project exists in the form of reciprocal support, shared experience and the dialogue between those individuals and the emerging outcomes.