Where Two Oceans Meet: Selected Histories of Flinders Bay


In Flinders Bay, the Pelican Man feeds the pelicans. He uses an ironing board as a table and throws the left over bits and pieces from his recent catch to the birds; 19 Davies Road has been on the market for many years. In 2011 it was featured in the movie ‘Drift’ but is yet to be sold; a man asks for signatures requesting stairs to be built as a memorial to two longstanding residents, the tourists ask for barbeques.

Where Two Oceans Meet: Selected Histories of Flinders Bay builds from narratives and memories of Flinders Bay, a small holiday settlement in the southwest of Australia. Borrowing from models of theatre and television in its construction, this exhibition is a multi-part installation that activates and reinterprets local histories.

Video series produced in collaboration with Alistair Kennedy, Georgia Jean Lewis, Nelson Mondlane, Ariel Tresham, Amelia Tuttleby.  

Flinders Bay is connected to Wardandi Boodja (Country).


"A Taxonomy of Wrecks" by Ash Tower was written to accompany the work on the occasion of the exhibition of Where Two Oceans Meet: Selected Histories of Flinders Bay  at Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy VIC between July 28th and August 12th.  

A second iteration of 'Where Two Oceans Meet' was part of the exhibition 'All-Seeing Eyes by the Beige Garden Bed' at Pet Projects, Bayswater WA between July 3 and July 17  2016.

The exegesis 'Where Two Oceans Meet: Situating and Activating Archive and Memory to Form.' (2015)  is available on request. 

Please click the image below for installation views.